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Can Bacteria Make You Fat?

Jorge Zárate, Co-Editor-in-Chief We’ve all heard by now about the epidemic spread of obesity in the United States and the world. While only twenty states in the US had obesity prevalence rates of 15% in 1989, not a single state remains with such low rates today – in fact, at least 20 states have rates […]

Malaria in Ghana: Gaining Insight on Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs Toward Malaria Vector Control

Chytanya Kompala, Bonnie MacLeod | NYU Steinhardt 2014                                      Accra, Ghana May 2012 Chytanya Kompala and Bonnie MacLeod are undergraduate students of Public Health at New York University. They both recently spent a semester abroad in Accra, Ghana where […]

Beyond the Lights in the City of Life: Income Inequality in Hong Kong

Sherina Motwani, Global Economics Columnist When people hear the word ‘poverty,’ they immediately envision suburban slums in a third world country. Home to the freest economy in the world, Hong Kong never comes to mind. Although true to its reputation, Hong Kong is an industrialized city that thrives on capitalism, almost a million people in […]

New School Year Resolution: Keep Stress Levels Down

Richard Hsu, Fitness & Well-Being Columnist School’s starting back up and we all know what that means: stress. However, in the beautiful concrete jungle, New York City, our rapid daily activities can only inadvertently raise the tension between our shoulders. Cortisol, the “stress hormone” released from the adrenal glands, is seen in the body’s fight […]

Scholarly Exploration in El Barrio

Andre Marston, Education Collaborator Andre Marston is a junior majoring in Romance Languages. He has worked in East Harlem through America Reads with his cooperating teacher of two years, an ESL/bilingual educator at M.S. 45. His future goals revolve around higher education and translation as they are powerful ways to enable people to become more […]