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Health Reform for All – What About the Rest of Them?

Hewett Chiu | NYU College of Arts and Sciences 2014, Wagner Graduate School of Public Service 2015 Hewett Chiu is currently in the joint-degree B.S./M.P.A. program, studying Neural Science and pre-medicine in CAS and Health Policy, Management & Finance at NYU Wagner. He is the President & CEO of the healthcare not-for-profit Academy of Medical […]

The prison system and its relation to communicable disease presence in the United States.

Katie Nolan, Associate Editor The prison system in this country is nothing short of problematic and broken. At year’s end in 2010, there were 1,612,395 prisoners in both state and federal correctional facilities; this worked out to be a rate of about 1 prisoner in every 200 residents.[i] These are some of the highest rates […]