Monthly Archives: September 2013

Ground-Up Interventions and the Delivery of International Aid

Katie Nolan, Associate Editor Constant funding issues and the never-ending logistical challenges of implementing interventions are serious constraints when working on international community development projects. Perhaps underestimated, implementation problems commonly occur at the ground level—where plans are supposed to come together to create solutions. In internationally-focused public health interventions aimed at reducing common preventable ailments, […]

New York Genome Center: Pioneering Multi-Institutional Research in the NYC Community

Marissa Schafer, Editor If live you in the New York area and your ears perk up in conversations about biomedical innovation, you may have heard the recent buzz about a new genomics consortium in our backyard.  It’s called the New York Genome Center, and although it is, technically, a center—30,000 square feet of space in […]

When the Writing Suffers, so does the Science

Marissa Schafer, Editor If the scientific community were polled, I wonder how many would claim to truly enjoy reading primary literature.  Probably not many.   Let me be clear, I expect most scientists would be quick to divulge that they love reading the newest discoveries, and they really love dissecting publications—identifying clever new tactics or finding […]

Social Media and Women’s Rights

Laura Clevenger, Staff Writer “Women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights.” When Hillary Rodham Clinton proclaimed these words at the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China in 1995 this was a radical idea. Women’s rights were seen as separate from foreign policy—a private issue far from the global society […]

A Breakthrough in Understanding and Diagnosing Congenital Heart Disease

Seth Nickerson, Staff Writer One in a thousand people are born at risk of sudden death due to an inherited genetic disorder that weakens the muscle cells of the heart, causing lasting damage that is virtually irreparable. Following years of symptom-free disease progression, a single episode of strenuous activity is all it takes to induce […]