Letter from the Editors

As some of you may have discerned, The Torch, New York University’s Journal for Domestic and Global Health, has not been a part of much of the discussions surrounding public health in the last year. This hiatus has been partly due to internal issues surrounding management and logistics. However, in the new year, The Torch’s editorial board is making a strong commitment to stay in tune to The Torch’s original purpose and mission: 1) to deliver and foster conversation amongst the public health community as set by students, and 2) to get students to bring public health to the forefront of the global agenda.

We attempt to accomplish this through providing a platform for students to voice their concerns, opinions, work, and research. The Torch’s interdisciplinary publication of domestic and global health accepts and publishes original articles, essays, commentaries, research reports and book reviews that span the fields of policy, medical care, education, bioethics, economics, media and communication, and social justice. The Torch’s editorial team plans on releasing an issue this Spring semester, and is now accepting submissions for the print publication as well as entries for our newly developed website. We view this exchange of sustainable and modern approaches to healthcare to be a catalyst for changing the ways problems are being addressed within our community and the world, in hopes of influencing discourse and policy.

What we now need is the student body’s support and participation. If you wish to get involved in this initiative, please contact us at torch.submissions@gmail.com. Also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more announcements, articles, and developments. Thank you and here’s to the new year.


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