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Assessing the Fundamental Role of Humanity in the Field Public Health

Renán E. Orellana, Co-Editor-in-Chief Hiring a private investigator to be the cornerstone of a behavioral intervention to improve adherence to antiretroviral therapy seems to be an irrational, erratic means of health promotion. In many respects, such an approach would be doomed for failure, but it may be something to consider in the development of future strategies […]

Interview with a Migrant Worker in the United Arab Emirates: Agency and Mobility in the in-between

Clara Bicalho, Contributing Writer Grace’s story: A portrait of an immigrant’s journey When I first met Grace[1] she had been working in her new position for the past 18 months. During our first interview, I learned that she was in her thirties and a single mother of two kids, whom she had left back home […]

South Africa: Improving Health With Sustainable Solutions

Jay Liu, Staff Writer July 6th, 2013 Path out of Poverty Center for Children Reibeek Kasteel/Esterhof Facility (approximately 10km north of Goedgedacht) Malmesbury, Western Cape South Africa Plumes of dirt clouds were created each time one of the emaciated children slid gleefully across the floor. The air in this small crowded indoor play space was […]

Ground-Up Interventions and the Delivery of International Aid

Katie Nolan, Associate Editor Constant funding issues and the never-ending logistical challenges of implementing interventions are serious constraints when working on international community development projects. Perhaps underestimated, implementation problems commonly occur at the ground level—where plans are supposed to come together to create solutions. In internationally-focused public health interventions aimed at reducing common preventable ailments, […]

Building Sustainable Legacies: New Expectations for NGOs

Zachary Stanley, Guest Writer We hear about their initiatives around the world and the great work and services they offer communities in need – nongovernmental organizations are everywhere these days and their missions are as diverse as the people that they serve. Traditionally, non-profits have relied on tugging on the heartstrings of the general public […]

Maternal Health, Birth Models, & Midwifery: A Proposed Solution

Mary Kern College of Nursing 2015 Context What exactly is the plight facing mothers in the developing world? According to the World Health Organization’s fact sheet on maternal health (2010), approximately 800 women die each day from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Additionally, maternal mortality is highly associated with living in rural areas […]

Beyond the Lights in the City of Life: Income Inequality in Hong Kong

Sherina Motwani, Global Economics Columnist When people hear the word ‘poverty,’ they immediately envision suburban slums in a third world country. Home to the freest economy in the world, Hong Kong never comes to mind. Although true to its reputation, Hong Kong is an industrialized city that thrives on capitalism, almost a million people in […]