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The White Man’s Burden in the “Warm Heart of Africa”

Renán Orellana, Co-Editor-in-Chief A few weeks back, an Italian journalist arrived at the DREAM center in Balaka to report on the impressive work of the programme in providing free antiretroviral treatment and nutritional support to people living in abject poverty. The DREAM center in Balaka serves thousands of AIDS patients from numerous villages in proximity […]

DREAM in the “Warm Heart of Africa”

Renán Orellana, Co-Editor-in-Chief AIDS is not a death sentence. For this reason, people living with HIV should be given an opportunity to live a full life, irrespective of their socioeconomic situation. The impact of AIDS in Malawi is a critical concern for communities already devastated by deeply-rooted poverty and malnutrition. The epidemic has left millions […]

The prison system and its relation to communicable disease presence in the United States.

Katie Nolan, Associate Editor The prison system in this country is nothing short of problematic and broken. At year’s end in 2010, there were 1,612,395 prisoners in both state and federal correctional facilities; this worked out to be a rate of about 1 prisoner in every 200 residents.[i] These are some of the highest rates […]

Can Bacteria Make You Fat?

Jorge Zárate, Co-Editor-in-Chief We’ve all heard by now about the epidemic spread of obesity in the United States and the world. While only twenty states in the US had obesity prevalence rates of 15% in 1989, not a single state remains with such low rates today – in fact, at least 20 states have rates […]

Malaria in Ghana: Gaining Insight on Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs Toward Malaria Vector Control

Chytanya Kompala, Bonnie MacLeod | NYU Steinhardt 2014                                      Accra, Ghana May 2012 Chytanya Kompala and Bonnie MacLeod are undergraduate students of Public Health at New York University. They both recently spent a semester abroad in Accra, Ghana where […]

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