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Adderall: A worthy public health problem?

Renán E. Orellana, Co-Editor-in-Chief In thinking about recent increases in rates of prescription stimulant medications for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), I asked myself how (if at all) does non-medical prescription stimulant use pose a threat to population health? At some point or another, a good deal of college students will hear an anecdote about a […]

Malaria in Ghana: Gaining Insight on Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs Toward Malaria Vector Control

Chytanya Kompala, Bonnie MacLeod | NYU Steinhardt 2014                                      Accra, Ghana May 2012 Chytanya Kompala and Bonnie MacLeod are undergraduate students of Public Health at New York University. They both recently spent a semester abroad in Accra, Ghana where […]

Scholarly Exploration in El Barrio

Andre Marston, Education Collaborator Andre Marston is a junior majoring in Romance Languages. He has worked in East Harlem through America Reads with his cooperating teacher of two years, an ESL/bilingual educator at M.S. 45. His future goals revolve around higher education and translation as they are powerful ways to enable people to become more […]

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