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Patient Trust in Doctors and Its Impact on Medical Decision-Making: A Study of Attitudes Toward the HPV Vaccine among College Students

Catherine Cochran, Guest Writer INTRODUCTION There is a large body of literature highlighting the importance of trust in doctor-patient relationships. A number of scholars have noted the association between patient trust in doctors and good doctor-patient relationships.[i] These studies indicate that good communication leads to a higher quality of care, as patients are more likely […]

When the Writing Suffers, so does the Science

Marissa Schafer, Editor If the scientific community were polled, I wonder how many would claim to truly enjoy reading primary literature.  Probably not many.   Let me be clear, I expect most scientists would be quick to divulge that they love reading the newest discoveries, and they really love dissecting publications—identifying clever new tactics or finding […]

Building Sustainable Legacies: New Expectations for NGOs

Zachary Stanley, Guest Writer We hear about their initiatives around the world and the great work and services they offer communities in need – nongovernmental organizations are everywhere these days and their missions are as diverse as the people that they serve. Traditionally, non-profits have relied on tugging on the heartstrings of the general public […]

Food Fraud

Lillian Udell | College of Nursing 2014 This past February, Oceana, the largest ocean conservationist NGO, released a report revealing that a significant amount of seafood sold in the U.S. is fraudulently labeled. After testing 1200 fish samples, the organization found that nearly one-third of the seafood was marketed as a different type than what […]

Plain Packaging in Australia: A Global Role Model for Smoking Prevention

Cara Bradley | Steinhardt 2014 Sydney, Australia March 2013 A photograph of a decaying lung appears below the bold phrase “Smoking causes lung cancer.” Graphic and often gruesome images like this are the norm for cigarette packages in Australia due to the recent introduction of a monumental health policy. Australia became the first country in […]

Volunteer for HOPE (Department of Homeless Services)

The Homeless Outreach Population Estimate (HOPE) is an annual survey to assess the number of individuals living in New York City’s public spaces. On the night of January 28th, New Yorkers from all five boroughs will canvas the city to survey all of the people experiencing homelessness. If you’d like to volunteer click here, join […]

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