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Child Poverty

Nathaniel Johnson, Staff Writer With over one in five of its children in poverty, the United States has one of the highest child poverty rates in the developed world. While poverty in wealthy countries is itself a topic of much discussion, child poverty is particularly important because of its troubling long-term effects. Compared with those […]

Bumsters and Prostitutes: Intersectionality at Work

Jasmine Boutros NYU Abu Dhabi 2014 prostitute [pros-ti-toot, tyoot] noun a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money; whore; harlot bumster [bum-stir] noun unemployed young men who try to hassle and hustle female tourists into giving them their money in exchange for sexual intercourse Common to the beach resort area of many developing countries, […]

The Other Half: Hong Kong’s Housing Problem

Nathaniel Johnson | Global Economics Columnist College of Arts and Science 2014 Hong Kong is a city known for its extravagance. At its most luxurious, Hong Kong rivals New York, Paris, and London. At its worst, however, the city more closely resembles the developing world. The following photos were released by the Society for Community […]

Volunteer for HOPE (Department of Homeless Services)

The Homeless Outreach Population Estimate (HOPE) is an annual survey to assess the number of individuals living in New York City’s public spaces. On the night of January 28th, New Yorkers from all five boroughs will canvas the city to survey all of the people experiencing homelessness. If you’d like to volunteer click here, join […]

Beyond the Lights in the City of Life: Income Inequality in Hong Kong

Sherina Motwani, Global Economics Columnist When people hear the word ‘poverty,’ they immediately envision suburban slums in a third world country. Home to the freest economy in the world, Hong Kong never comes to mind. Although true to its reputation, Hong Kong is an industrialized city that thrives on capitalism, almost a million people in […]

Scholarly Exploration in El Barrio

Andre Marston, Education Collaborator Andre Marston is a junior majoring in Romance Languages. He has worked in East Harlem through America Reads with his cooperating teacher of two years, an ESL/bilingual educator at M.S. 45. His future goals revolve around higher education and translation as they are powerful ways to enable people to become more […]

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