Current Team
Shilpa Venigandla, Editor
Shilpa Venigandla is a sophomore studying Global Public Health and Media, Culture, and Communications at Steinhart. Shilpa is interested in health issues such as HIV/AIDS, gender inequality, reproductive health, migrant and refugee health, and health issues that arise with socioeconomic disparities. In her free time, Shilpa can be found drawing, listening to music, reading the news, or scrolling through piles of books at the Strand.

Margaret Eby, Editor
Margaret is a junior majoring in Global Public Health and Sociology and minoring in History. She is an Associate Rsearch Director at NYUMC’s SeedProgram and has an interest in socioeconomic health disparities and the history of reproductive health. In her spare time she enjoys knitting, watching documentaries, and hitchhiking.
Katherine La Puente, Editor
Katherine La Puente is a rising senior in NYU’s College of Arts and Science, studying Global Public Health and Pre-health. Fortunate to have parents who valued traveling as an integral part of growing up, she became intrigued by other cultures and different ways of life, especially when visiting family in South America. Somewhere among her interests in cultural anthropology, human rights, and the sciences, she found her calling in the health field, with ambitions of practicing medicine abroad. She currently volunteers in clinics throughout NYC and finds joy in meeting and talking with patients from all over the city. In her spare time, Katherine enjoys retreating into nature, biking, and discovering someplace new.
Past Team Members
Renán Orellana, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Renán Orellana is a senior at NYU Steinhardt studying Public Health and Poverty Studies. His experiences in developing countries have given him a global perspective on the interplay between poverty and health. He is interested in such issues as international development, complex humanitarian emergencies, the pathology of infectious diseases and preventive medicine. Renán hopes to go to medical school and further his public health studies by getting a Master of Public Health degree in Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences. His pastimes include swimming and biking and his music tastes include reggae, ska and bossa nova.

969103_10151610701206234_1103622191_nJorge Zárate, Co-Editor-in-Chief
Jorge Zárate is a senior at NYU’s campus in Abu Dhabi studying Biology and Political Science. Having grown up in five different countries, Jorge is interested in addressing health disparities and social inequities in a global context. He is also interested in microbiology, his work at the Blaser Lab focuses on the link between the intestinal microbiome and host metabolism. He hopes to go to medical school after graduation and also get a degree in public health. Jorge likes cooking, going to the movies, and taking photographs in his spare time.

Katie Nolan, Editor
Katie Nolan is a senior at NYU Steinhardt studying Public Health and Public Policy. Her experiences working with international non-profits sparked her interests in medical systems and health policy, both domestic and abroad. Her past times include doing yoga, playing the flute and running.
936508_10151610701221234_68410591_nMarissa Schafer, Editor
Marissa Schafer is a PhD candidate in the Department of Cellular and Molecular Biologywithin the NYU Sackler Institute of Biomedical Studies. She is currently wrapping up her thesis research, where she is exploring the influence of diet on gene expression in the brain in the context of neurodegenerative disease. Marissa also has policy experience, both at the municipal and federal level. Her interests include disease prevention, health policy, and food systems, but most of all, Marissa is interested in people—how they work and why they do what they do. She also enjoys running, traveling, cooking, and listening to music while wandering the streets of New York City.
Staff Writers
LauraLaura Clevenger, Public Health
Laura Clevenger is a senior at NYU Steinhardt concentrating in Public Health and minoring in Public Policy and Management. A service trip to a village outside Ensenada, Baja California sparked her passion for public health at a young age. She is interested in health disparities that face U.S. immigrants in the southwest and other minority populations. Laura is currently a Research Associate at NYU Langone Medical working on a faith-based hypertension study for African American adults. As a native Northern Californian, she enjoys long-distance trail running and other outdoor adventures in her free time.

Nathaniel Johnson, Economics
Nathaniel is a senior at NYU’s College of Arts and Sciences studying Economics and Math. Though, he is significantly more interested in the Economics part. Originally from DC, he also enjoys following politics, and he would like to encourage readers to vote this fall.
Jay Liu, Public Health
Jay C. Liu Jr. is a senior at NYU Steinhardt majoring in Public Health, and a critical care
paramedic from Great Neck, Long Island. His primary concentration is in infectious disease epidemiology, which has taken him to various parts of the world including the United Kingdom, Ecuador, South Africa and Japan. Jay’s central interests lie in syndemic theory (and it’s application to pandemics such as with HIV/TB), and in emergency medicine. He intends on pursuing a doctorate in public health, as well as becoming a trauma surgeon.

Seth Nickerson, Biomedical Sciences
Seth Nickerson is a PhD candidate in the department of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology at the NYU School of Medicine. His work on the molecular mechanisms of cancer initiation and progression has involved the discovery of novel cell regulatory mechanisms, and the development of innovative anticancer chemotherapeutics. His deep respect for the role of government in providing the resources and opportunities for intellectual growth has fostered a passion for science journalism and public outreach. He believes that teaching through storytelling can cultivate the imagination and empower the human spirit. Ultimately, he hopes to inspire a generation of future scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and entrepreneurs.
Creative Team

Cassandra Flores, Social Media
Cassandra Flores is a senior at NYU’s Abu Dhabi Campus studying Visual Arts with a concentration in Theater on the Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies Pre-Professional Track. She has worked with art festivals, galleries, and the NYUAD Institute. She is interested in cultural institutions and the ways they can be utilized to improve communities.
1157470_10151610701216234_1816557452_nAlejandra Pinto Miguel, Graphic Design
Alejandra Pinto is a senior at NYU’s campus in Abu Dhabi studying Visual Arts, with concentrations in Urbanization and Film & New Media. Her experience working with student publications, advertising companies, as well as branding agencies, have given her a multidisciplinary perspective that adapts an aesthetic and strategic approach to oversee each project and meet its particular demands.

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